Prom Night 2016

Well, as ya’ll can see, I am a couple days late  filling you in on Prom Night 2016. I do have pictures so I will try to post them in this story (if I can figure out how that is).

I did her hair. That took me almost an hour. She did her own makeup. That didn’t take too long since she’s so good at that. Her dress was beautiful. We all know it was a transformed wedding dress too. So when she posted a picture of it on Facebook, there was already a girl wanting to buy it to get married in. That tickled me.

We went to a public barn at a mansion down the road from here and took pictures. Low and behold, we saw a bunch of kids she goes to school with taking pictures also so therefore, I got pictures of her with her friends too. I felt as though Suzie had won the lottery. She was so excited.

We made our way to downtown where all the old stores are. While we drove around looking for a good place to take pictures there, we saw her one of her bestest friends there and got pictures with her.

All in all, the day was a success and things are back to normal until next month. It is then we have to get ready for high school graduation. I will have to make sure I get plenty of Kleenex for that day.

Thank you all so much for following my blog and reading.

xoxox and God Bless to all 🙂





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