I’ve Been Crafty :)

Hello readers, fellow bloggers, and all!

It seems like it’s forever since I’ve typed an entry. I sure have missed it but I really have been busy lately.

For one thing, I’ve been making crafts. I have been gluing, painting, and refurbishing things I’ve been given, found at yard sales, or just had lying here around the house. Oh, and I have also got a few things at Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I need to take more time to catch ya’ll up on things  going on in my life. I work a full-time job and that sometimes keeps me sorta busy. But from now on I’ll make time for ya’ll and give ya something happy and positive to read. My life itself can be pretty interesting from time to time too.

Anyway, back to the stuff I’ve been working on. And, btw, I also have a YouTube channel I keep up and enjoy as hobby #2.  I always said I wanted to have a hobby because I never seemed to be interested in  make anything but that was somewhat due to my daughters being young. And now that they’re grown, I felt the need to do something for fun. I decided to make stuff aka craft.

A lot of my craft supplies I find at Dollar Tree. They have nice artificial flowers, They also have burlap ribbon and some other ribbons too which is a total of 1 dollar each and no more. I’ve been to Michael’s craft store and immediately fell in love. Ben Franklin Crafts has a lot. So I guess I need to go to Hobby Lobby and check them out on what goodies I may find there (wish me luck). haha

I will insert a picture of one of the things I got at a yard sale for .50 and make it look nice.

Well I tried to upload it but to my avail, no go.

So, let me know what ya’ll think and I will be sure and try to reply to all comments also.

















































xoxo God Bless u all 🙂


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