Save Lives~~Donate Blood

I work at a blood bank and never knew the importance of donating blood. I have worked here almost 3 years and never once thought about it.

Donating one pint of blood can make a huge difference in someone’s life whether it is to help someone with a disease, cancer, or even had surgery where a pint of blood is needed.

That one pint is equal to 500 ml. Out of that 500ml, we get 3 different products that helps to save lives. The whole blood will go to help someone who is losing blood thru any type of surgery or anything really. The platelets will go to someone who has cancer. Cancer patients are in dire need of blood to help them get their strength back due to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments.

Whole Blood Donation

Whole blood donors are the lifeblood of our community!

Whole blood donation is the most common form of donating: whole blood is collected from the donor and taken to the laboratory where it is separated into specific components, such as red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Donors can provide a whole blood donation every 56 days (8 weeks). A whole blood donation takes approximately 30 minutes from registration to completion.

So, with that been said, please find a donation center near you and help save someone’s life before it’s too late.



  1. Unfortunately, here in Ireland it is hard to do so. Your iron count has to be a certain level, you cannot have had any dental work done for a specific period, you can’t doate if you ever had a transfusion and so the list goes on.


    • Here in the US it there are lots of FDA guidelines we have to go by. Weight, sex, sexual preference, medications, and the list goes on and on. One of the stipulations, though, isn’t dental work.


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