My mama :)

Hello to my friends.

So, yesterday was my mama’s birthday. She would have been 72 years old I do believe.

She passed away 6 years ago in April and I still have a hard time dealing with her death. I worked yesterday but still thought of her all during the day.  There really ain’t a day goes by that she ain’t on my mind.

My mama was a good woman. She and daddy started got saved by the grace of God when I was just a young age of 1 year old. We went to church every Sunday. And pretty much every time the church doors opened, we was there.

I am so thankful for such a good, hard-working mom. She was the best.

She used to milk a cow. She taught me to churn butter and buttermilk. She also made homemade cottage cheese. We used to can stuff out of the garden. She also taught me how to ‘work up’ hog meat. She was the bestest mom in the entire world. I just hope I have been and can continue to be, just 1/4 of the woman to my girls as she was to me and my brothers and sisters.

I have always appreciated my mom and love her dearly still to this day. I will see her again someday when the good Lord says it’s time.

So, Happy Birthday, mom 🙂 I love you and miss you more than anyone could ever imagine.




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