Successful? I Am Trying…

Well, just as you read in the title, I’m trying to be a success at being frugal. I shop the clearance aisles. I shop yard sales. I even try to upcycle and recycle.

I asked my sisters if they thought I was cheap or tight. One said I was ‘frugal’. The other agreed.

So, my thoughts of myself is sometimes cheap and sometimes frugal. The first thing I do when I go shopping in a department store is find my size/section. Then the next step is to find the clearance section in my size section. Most of the time before I go to a department store, I go to a thrift store to see if they have anything I might could use and get it there. I work in the non-profit medical field and have to wear scrubs. The Goodwill Store has, most of the time, the scrubs I need and the size I need plus another good thing is that if I get shoes there, they’re already broke in. The clothes are most of the time washed and shrunk before I get them. haha:)

Anyway, my family and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby last week and searched their clearance aisles. Boy am I ever glad we did. I found ALL KINDS of goodies for my crafting projects on the cheap. We only spent $47.11 but had the things not been on clearance, the amount would have been $111.54. That’s a HUGE bit of savings.

I love discount stores such as Ollie’s and Big Lots. For instance, the canvases I use to craft with are only $2.69 each there. That’s a big drop in price from $6.99 other places.

So I ask you, am I CHEAP or am I frugal or am I TIGHT? Please do tell.

Have an awesome Thursday, friends! x0x0x0


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