Happy summer everyone…how is yours going? Mine is going very well. I have been on vacation from work this past week but tomorrow I go back to work.

I went to Daytona Beach, Florida. Wow, what a trip. I went with my older sister and her family. I took Suzanna with me of course because this was suppose to be her senior trip. It was so hot there. It rained the day we got there, actually it came a bad storm. The air is hot and dry there but after it rained, it felt as though the air was so much ‘thicker’.And when it storms there, they can usually be bad ones. It hailed during this storm.

We went to the beach and spent the day one day we were there. It was great but very hot but that was okay with me. My family that lives there said there had been shark attacks close to shore at the beach also.

I checked out their Dollar Tree store, well one of them, there. It was great. They had a lot of things ours didn’t have. So you know I had to buy it.

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. I had a grilled fish sandwich. I can honestly say, it was awesome. I plan to make us one here at home to eat soon. I do believe it’s cod fish and it also had a special sauce that was very yummy. I’ll have to find out what it was made of so I can make it.

So, any way I wanted to check in with everyone to say Happy Summer to everyone and to let ya’all know I am going to try my best to blog more frequent and more often.

Have a good night and lots of love and blessings to all! x0x0x0x




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