Part 2 Summer Vacation

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve had the chance to tell the rest of my story about our vacation trip to Daytona Beach, Florida.

Funny thing happened the last night of our trip:

I have always been one to snore. You would think losing 40 pounds would kind of make the snoring subside but not mine. Sometimes the hubby says he gets worried of my snoring thinking I may stop breathing.

As I was saying, the last night we were there, I reckon I did some powerful snoring. The only person I reckon I kept awake was my wonderful brother-in-law, Johnny. Before our trip even started I told my sister, Joyce that maybe Johnny should invest in a pair of ear plugs due to the fact of my snoring. He knows I snore because of our trip some years ago to San Francisco, California. It was so bad that night the thought of putting a pillow on my face crossed his mind so he could sleep (not seriously though haha).

Continuing on with my story:

That night in Daytona Beach, Johnny couldn’t sleep so he took a pillow and blanket in the bathroom. He put a bath towel in the bath tub. He rolled up another bath towel and laid it down at the bottom of the door hoping to block some of my snoring noise out then. He had no luck at all that night, poor feller.

I apologized several times but I did tell him to bring ear plugs. Poor Johnny, he’ll never learn.


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